About Women of Colour Australia

How it all began

Our Founder's Story

Women of Colour Australia (WoCA) was founded by Brenda Vertudes Gaddi (she/her), a first-generation migrant/settler from Manila, Philippines. Brenda has been building women-focused communities and championing women’s voices for over a decade.

Women of Colour Australia (WoCA) is a not-for-profit organisation and a registered charity established in August 2020. We are founded, led, and run by Women of Colour for Women of Colour. We exist to champion Australia’s Women of Colour through programs of education, community support initiatives, and advocacy work.

Our Vision

A world where Girls and Women of Colour are afforded equitable opportunities to reach their full potential.

Our Purpose

To advocate for, support, and strengthen the lives and experiences of Women of Colour in all places and spaces in Australia.

Our Focus & Values


We EDUCATE ourselves and seek with purpose and intention opportunities for GROWTH 


We SUPPORT each other to build a sense of BELONGING


We ADVOCATE for ourselves and for our COMMUNITY to drive change

Our Principles & Behaviours

We strive to create a safe and inclusive space

We share community and individual experiences to build a sense of belonging.

We advocate for professional and personal development

We will drive the agenda through lobbying for diversity, equity & inclusion policies, practices, programs, and beliefs that fully account for intersecting and overlapping identities.

We are productive and have measurable impact

We measure how our organisational initiatives increase people’s knowledge, skill, behavior, and ultimately opportunity. We use outcome-based metrics that allow us to drive return on investment.

We understand the best outcomes are achieved through partnership and collaboration

Championing the opportunities and experiences of Women of Colour is a co-owned agenda – its success is only as good as the support of the allies and existing bodies who will help to champion and actively commit to bridging gaps and collectively work to dismantling inequitable systems and structures.

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