As part of our community support initiatives, we will be regularly hosting online and in-person events (subject to COVID restrictions). These events are a way for us to come together as a community,  learn from each other, celebrate our voices and honour our lived experiences as Black and Brown women.

Join us on Wednesday 26th October 2022 as we discuss ANOTHER DAY IN THE COLONY by Professor Chelsea Watego. This is a collection of deeply insightful and powerful essays in which Chelsea Watego examines the ongoing and daily racism faced by First Nations peoples in so-called Australia. Rather than offer yet another account of ‘the Aboriginal problem’, she theorises a strategy for living in a society that has only ever imagined Indigenous peoples as destined to die out. Professor Chelsea Watego will be spending an hour with us on the night. Commercial lawyer and experienced human rights lawyer Sarah Ibrahim will be facilitating the conversation with Chelsea.


In partnership with the Australian Human Rights Commission, the WoCA Community engaged with the team tasked with undertaking consultations to progress the National Anti-Racism Framework. The Framework will include actions to be taken across Commonwealth and State and Territory governments, partnerships between community and business, and capacity-building for communities to respond to racism. A Commission Concept Paper provides an initial overview of the Framework’s key principles, outcomes, and strategies. 


Our inaugural ‘Read Between the Lines’ book club event was held on Women of Color Day,  1st March 2022. Women of Color Day is the annual commemoration and celebration of the achievements and contributions of Women of Colour worldwide. The Hate Race written by multi-award-winning author Maxine Beneba Clarke was chosen as many elements of the story may be recognisable and relatable to our women of colour readers. The Hate Race is an eye-opening and educational exploration of the ostracism and casual racism that many women of colour continue to face in Australia. 


Saturday, 26th June 2021

Women of Colour in Leadership: Beyond Default Views and Perspectives

Due to COVID restrictions, the launch which was supposed to take place as an in-person event at the Gallery Room of the State Library of NSW had to be cancelled and delivered online. The virtual event was trimmed to 1.5 hours for ease of delivery.

The panel discussion “Women of Colour in Leadership: Beyond Default Views and Perspectives” was conducted via Zoom on Saturday 26th June 2021. 

Friday, 5th March 2021

An Evening with Carly

Spend your Friday evening with the amazing Carly Findlay OAMShe will read a chapter from her best-selling book “Say Hello” followed by a Q&A session. Carly will share her journey from being a personal blogger, to being an appearance activist/speaker to being a published author/award-winning writer and all the good stuff in between. It will be a night of hope, pride, and self-love. We hope to see you there!

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