Women of Colour in the Workplace Survey 2020 Women of Colour Australia and Murdoch University are partnering to research how Women of Colour are experiencing their workplace in 2020, including any challenges and opportunities. The results gathered from the survey will help inform Women of Colour Australia's advocacy to improve outcomes for Women of Colour in the modern Australian workplace. The research will be published in 2021. THE SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED. WE WILL BE RELEASING THE RESULTS SOON. OUR MANY THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

Together we can make things happen

Our Mission

To advocate, support and strengthen the lives and experiences of Women of Colour in all places and spaces within Australia.

Our Vision

A world where girls and women of colour are afforded equitable opportunities to reach their full potential.

We strive to create a safe and inclusive space

We share community and individual experiences to build a sense of belonging.

We advocate for professional and personal development

We will drive the agenda for Women of Colour through lobbying for diversity & inclusion policies, practices, programs, and beliefs.

We are productive and have measurable impact

We measure how our organisational initiatives increase people’s knowledge, skill, behavior, and ultimately opportunity. We use outcome-based metrics that allow us to drive return on investment.

We understand the best outcomes are achieved through partnership and collaboration

Championing the opportunities and experiences of Women of Colour is a co-owned agenda – its success is only as good as the support of the allies and existing bodies who will help to champion and actively commit to bridging gaps.

Join Us

We want to create a fairer and more equitable Australia for all Women of Colour. Will you help us?
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Address: Level 9/123 Epping Rd, Macquarie Park, NSW, 2113
Phone: +612 8875 7823
Email: hello@womenofcolour.org.au

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